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  • moro

    moro - 2013-02-14


    I'm trying to learn KeePass-Plugin development. I created a new Project in SharpDevelop using the Sample-Code, it compiles without errors or warnings, but when I start KeePass with my .dll in the directory, it says, that the plugin is incompatible.(
    How can I fix that?

    Best regards,

    Moritz Schmidt

  • lspcity

    lspcity - 2013-02-14

    Try to generate a plgx-file for the KeePass-Plugin. I don't know if the DLL-file works out of the box or if KeePass is signing the plugins in a special way.

    You don't need to create a release with Visual Studio.
    I also delete the directories \bin and \obj for a smaller plugin size.
    You should also remove the generated DLL-file, because the created plgx-file doesn't need this DLL.

    My batch-file contains the following lines:
    RD /S /Q p:\dev\keepasshttp\KeePassHttp\bin
    RD /S /Q p:\dev\keepasshttp\KeePassHttp\obj
    move /-Y p:\dev\keepasshttp\KeePassHttp\KeePassHttp.dll p:\dev\keepasshttp\ "C:\Program Files (x86)\KeePass Password Safe 2\keepass.exe" --plgx-create p:\dev\keepasshttp\KeePassHttp
    move /-Y p:\dev\keepasshttp\KeePassHttp.dll p:\dev\keepasshttp\KeePassHttp\

    #copy the generated PLGX-file into my portable-version and start it
    #copy p:\dev\keepasshttp\KeePassHttp.plgx p:\dev\keepasshttp\_portable\KeePassHttp.plgx
    #start /d "p:\dev\keepasshttp\_portable\" p:\dev\keepasshttp\_portable\KeePass.exe

    Last edit: lspcity 2013-02-14

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