can't download KeePass or Plugins

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Found your program in the Pricelessware 2006 CD and went looking for documentation. I then tried to download the latest version of KeePass and can't do it. If I double-click on the download link, Star Downloader kicks in, and gives no error message. But the download is a bogus 13KB Zip file. If I right click and choose "save to disk", exactly the same thing happens. The same thing happens also when trying to download from your plugins directory. For some reason I was able to download the Forms plugin, but I can't remember the details.

    A new experience for me in more than a decade of WEB downloads, and very frustrating.

    OTOH. I appreciate being able to post to this forum anonymously. If all Web forums allowed this, I wouldn't even need KeePass!


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      To answer my own message above - it turns out Star Downloader can't get along with and won't let IE work either. I had to turn off the "browser integration" on Star Downloader, then I was able to access the mirror sites with IE. Thank god your program and plug ins are so small!

      It took five hours yesterday to download the Pricelessware ISO with Star on a DSL connection. With IE it would have taken five days to forever...

      BTW - having all your information pages and related articles on KeePass in a single downloadable pdf file would be very helpful. Right now I've got complete and text only html pages and screen shot images scattered in different folders over several  hard drives.

      Being able to download the program and all the plugins at once would be nice too. I lost track of how many pages I had to navigate for each little module.


    • Paul

      Paul - 2006-04-23

      The program and all required documentation is in the one download - KeePass. Read the help file and it is all there.

      This forum is really only for problens like your Star Download - why don't you use Firefox instead of IE and solve all of your download problems?

      cheers, Paul


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