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  • Antonio Mavaro

    Antonio Mavaro - 2013-03-04

    Someone can me explain the difference beetween the commands "Generate password" e "Generate password list"?

    Thanks :)

  • develop1

    develop1 - 2013-03-04

    good question.
    not sure how these were intended to be used.
    but either one gives you the ability to add a new record into your database file and both let you choose which password template should be used. The non-list option creates a single record, whereas the list option gives you an entry box for how many keepass records to create in one shot.

    if your only creating one new record at a time the former is probably what you want.
    but if you happen to know you need 10 new records right now then use the latter to create all ten in one swoop.

    Once the records are created you likely then want to edit the newly created record to add details such as the title, url, notes, whatever to the record.

    Another way to create a new record is to use 'add entry' command.
    This command puts you into an edit dialog box for a new record.
    From here you add all the details you want as well as set whatever password you want.
    With the 'add entry' method the actual record will not be created until you click ok, if you cancel the record and all your data entry to the record is gone.
    whereas with either of the generate methods the record is created first
    and when you edit that record the "ok" button is for your edit session not the record itself.

    by the way - if you are simply trying to obtain a random list of passwords using one of your password profiles then you can use either of the "generate" tools and choose your profile and click the preview tab. This will produce a listing of 30 passwords using your desired profile/template. you can highlight/copy these into your clipboard then cancel out of the dialog box.


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