Got Help????????

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    OK I'm not very smart when it comes to this computer stuff.  New user.  I need  step by step instructions on how to work this keepass thing. Just call me stupid I guess

    • Nobody/Anonymous


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      lol jk

    • goodnewscowboy

      goodnewscowboy - 2005-02-19

      What are you wanting to do with keepass? In other words, what problem are you looking to solve?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am looking to solve the problem of how to work this program. For instance: I have a username and password for the NYtimes (as well as a bunch of others).  How do i get this info saved in keypass? How do I look it up when I need it?  There are no step by step instructions in the help file.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Are you able to open a new database? If you are you can just right click inside any field and select "add entry." It's really very easy.


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