{TAB 5} can not work normally in browers

  • liaodahao

    liaodahao - 2013-11-08

    Under Windows (not Unix-like systems), keys and special keys (not placeholders or commands) can be repeated by appending a number within the code. For example, {TAB 5} presses the Tab key 5 times.

    But {TAB 5} can not work normally in browsers, Auto-Type skip {TAB 5} and execute the following sequence. Tested in IE and Chrome ,Windows 8.1 Professional x64. I had try delay function but still the same, I am using KeePass 2.24.
    {TAB 5} works fine in notepad.
    What's wrong?

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  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-11-08

    Works for me in Firefox.
    I created a test page and then ran Auto-Type.

    1. Create "test.html" with the following code - use Notepad or other text only editor.
    2. Double click on test.html.
    3. Place the cursor in box 1.
    4. Open KeePass, right click the required entry and select "Perform Auto-Type".

    cheers, Paul

    <form method="post" action="/p">
    1<input id="1" name="1" type="text"><br></p>
    2<input id="2" name="2" type="text"><br></p>
    3<input id="3" name="3" type="text"><br></p>
    4<input id="4" name="4" type="text"><br></p>
    5<input id="5" name="5" type="text"><br></p>
    6<input id="6" name="6" type="text"><br></p>
    • liaodahao

      liaodahao - 2013-11-09

      Thanks Paul.
      I have found out the reason, the {TAB 5} function is not compatible with plugin RDCAutoTypeAndTCATO.
      When add Chrome.exe to Programs List and enable the checkbox in front of iexplorer.exe, {TAB 5) function can't take effect in IE and Chrome.


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