Login to Online Banking with Auto-Type

  • Juergen Schollmeyer

    I try to save my login information for my online banking in KeePass2. My login data consists of branch (3 digits), account (7 digits), subaccount (2 digits) and PIN (5 digits). So I stored the informations in string fields named branch, account, subaccount and PIN. Activated Auto-Type, defined the target window, defined a custom keystroke sequence in the following way:
    {s:branch}{TAB}{s:account}{TAB}{s:subaccount}{TAB}{s:PIN}{ENTER}. When I call up the target window and place the cursor into the branch field and press alt+strg+a the digits are totally messed up without any recognizable logic. Can it be that the banking software doesn't allow to fill in the login data automaticly by a password manager or what am I doing wrong?

    Thank you in advance

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-04-13

    It is possible the bank web page doesn't navigate with Tabs in the way you expect. Have you confirmed that entering digits and pressing Tab moves to the correct box?
    It is also possible that the bank site uses javascript to validate data entry and KeePass types too quickly for it. Try adding a delay at the beginning of your Auto-Type to slow the typing - {DELAY=20}.
    Does it work if you shorten the Auto-Type string to just {s:branch}{TAB}?

    cheers, Paul

    Last edit: Paul 2014-04-13
    • Juergen Schollmeyer

      Hi Paul,

      the DELAY parameter does the trick. It works very well! Thank you for the tip.



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