Exclusion option in Password generator

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Would it be difficult to also have a character exclusion list to be applied against the Password Generator ?

    I often get complaints about having small L 'l' or capital O getting confused with other characters. I'll sure I'm not the only one would like to see this feature included.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Is that really such a bad tradeoff?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What "trade-off" are you talking about?  He's talking about the ability to exclude dubious characters.  Given the more-than-adequate supply of non-dubious characters, there is no trade-off at all in excluding them.

      A workaround--which I agree is not ideal by a long shot--is to enter all desired non-dubious characters in the "Only the following characters" field of the Password Generator dialog.  Then, uncheck all the other options above (or at least the ones that represent character sets that contain dubious characters, such as the alphabet).


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