KeePass and the iPad

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-04-09

    Having searched the Help forum for "iPad" and getting no hits, I'm posting this question.  If it's been done before, my apologies.

    Recently I received an original iPad as a gift.  Because it is quite portable I often use it for accessing the web; however, since I use KeePass to generate and store unique passwords for all the places I've had to register, I need to be able to run KeePass on the iPad and - more importantly - keep the database files on each device sync'd.  (I should probably also add the iPhone to the question.)

    Can someone please tell me how to do this or point me to FAQ/wiki/article that will do so?  Because the iPad has such limitations (no USB port and if you buy the camera attach device with a USB port a thumb drive demands too much power and iPad won't read it; no way to add the iPad to the home network for file sharing, e.g.) for interacting with other devices, the only way I can see to do would be to email the files that the iPad KeePass app needs to myself and open the email on the iPad and retrieve the files.  I fear this will not work because surely mr jobs assured that the files could not be interchanged.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated and gratefully received.


  • Tom

    Tom - 2011-05-20

    I use the app MyKeePass and DropBox.  I have copied my notes below.

    Setup a Dropbox account and a file folder for your passwords on the PC through their web site and the iPad through the Dropbox app.

    On the PC use the KeePass application.

    KeePass *
    1. Setup and use the KeePass database (locate in the Dropbox folder)
    2. If using v2 of the database then after any changes Export
    3. File-Export-Select KeePass KBD (1.x)
    4. In the File box click the disk w/pencil for Export to:
    5. Select filename for Export
    6. Save (and Yes to replace it if it already exists)
    7. The OK in the Export File/Data Box

    The database file is now up to date.  Note: there is no need to export of the database is a version 1 KDB file.

    At this point Dropbox will propagate the updated file to all devices.

    Setup the iPad to use the MyKeePass app with Dropbox

    1. Open the Dropbox App on the iPad.
    2. Highlight the database file
    3. Click the link button (chain link) to generate a link
    4. Copy link to clipboard
    5. Change to MyKeePass App
    6. Clink + key to open new KBD File
    7. Select download from WWW
    8. Title Database and paste link http address
    9. Done

    To sync online database update*
    1. Click on Database link
    2. Switch OFF “Use cached file”
    3. Enter password
    4. The database has now been updated from the Dropbox location and may be used locally as a cached file.

    * At this point you only need to Export from the PC and sync on the iPad to update the database.

    KeePass 2 – Me be used on the PC but the MyKeePass App will only open v2 (kdbx) files “read only”.  In order to remain compatible with “read wrote” files v1 (kdb) file format must be maintained.

    In order to upgrade from Password Safe the plug-in PwSafeDBImport must be used.  This Plug-in is compatible only with KeePass versions 1.09 through 1.09.

    KeePass v 1.09


    Current KeePass 2.x version

    Use KeePass v 1.09 with the plug-in PwSafeDBImport to import from Password Safe.  Then upgrade to the current KeePass v 2.x and import the v1 (kbd) file.  Use export if read write compatibility is required with the MyKeePass App.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-06-11

    Thank you, Tom!

    I realize that this is a VERY belated response, but I am just now getting back to using KeePass with the iPhone and iPad. I tried soon after I posted the question but was unsuccessful then had a couple of computers die on me. I completed a new build on Win7 a couple of months ago and have just now come back to using KeePass. I was never successful at getting Dropbox to work on my iPad and iPhone until today!

    Your instructions are extremely well done.

    Thank you, again, even though I was remiss for over 2 years!

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