New KeePass user. Having problem with Chrome integration!

  • ithehappy

    ithehappy - 2014-04-15

    Hey guys, I have started using KeyPass from yesterday, I was a Lastpass user before. But I don't understand how KeePass works with Chrome. It works beautifully with Firefox. But with Chrome I can't use it to auto login to any website, it just fills up the login details, and I manually have to log in to websites. But the bigger problem is, when I enter details on a new website it doesn't save my credentials under main KeePass app! With Firefox that pop up comes up which asks me whether to save a log in or not, but with Chrome nothing comes up.
    I have KeePass installed. Then I had to install that KeePasshttp. And under Chrome the extension ChromeIPass is installed. What am I missing?



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