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Fatal Error

  • MrTeflon

    MrTeflon - 2014-01-13

    Hey guys,

    I've been using KeePass for a while and when I returned from christmas holidays, I unfortunately suddenly was no longer able to do anything with it. I always get an error message as follows:

    "A fatal error has occured!

    An extended error report has been copied to the clipboard.

    [Resource lookup failed - infinite recursion or critical failure detected.]"

    When I open notepad, I can't paste anything because nothing has been copied to the clipboard. I googled around a bit and I guess it has something to do with .NET framework, unfortunately I have absolutely no idea about those things.

    My System is running on MS Vista x86. I can't remember having changed anything substantially. On my laptop, I can open my db without problems.

    Hope you can help! Thanks!

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-01-14

    You may have a corrupt .NET installation. You should be able to repair .NET via Add/Remove Programs, or upgrade to a later .NET.

    cheers, Paul

  • MrTeflon

    MrTeflon - 2014-01-16

    Oh that did it. Also, two anti malware programs were installed and i removed of of them, that might have been an issue, too. Anyway, works like a charme again. Thanks a lot.


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