Updating KeePass

  • rhfjr1

    rhfjr1 - 2005-11-27

    I am currently using version .096a and want to update to 1.03.

    I am not clear on how to do this.  Do I need to save any files to another directory before doing so? If so what / which ones?

    Is it necessary to delete .096a after installing 1.03 through the add remove in Widows XP?

    I am using a thumb drive for my key.


    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-11-29

      KeePass is a very simple program to install, it consists of the KeePass executable and help file.
      All you need to do is copy the new files over the top of the existing files. You could also just install the new version over the top.

      Plug-ins however, are version specific. If you have any plug-ins you will need to remove them before you  update KeePass.

      cheers, Paul


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