SecureEditControls, how to test if it works?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Help File:

    "Selection Limitation

    A 'natural' limitation of these secure edit controls is that you can't select a range of characters. You for example cannot select 3 characters and replace them by the current contents of the clipboard using the paste command."

    I am still able to mark something in a texteditor and paste it to username and password fields.

    "Use more secure password edit controls" on security tab is activated.

    Antwort in deutsch ist auch mglich.



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I should say that mark and replace works only when password is in clear text mode, not if there are only points. With points there is no selection possible.


    • Dominik Reichl

      Dominik Reichl - 2005-06-03

      So, it works exactly as expected :)

      The selection limitation only exists when using the secure mode, i.e. when you hide your passwords behind asterisks. When you show the passwords in plain-text, they're not memory-protected (Windows needs to know the memory in order to display it) and therefore I also removed the selection limitation, which is not required in this case.

      The secure edit control mode is only activated when you hide your passwords behind asterisks (points).

      Best regards


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