How many PIN entry attempts are allowed in Mini KEEPASS

  • Chris&

    Chris& - 2014-07-22

    My partner has forgotten the 4 digit PIN on his mini KEYPASS. Is there a limit on how many times he can try different PINs before it will lock him out?

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-07-23

    MiniKeePass is a third party port that claims file compatibility with KeePass databases. If the PIN you are referring to is not the database Master Key then it is an exclusive feature of MiniKeePass. You will need to refer to the MiniKeePass documentation to obtain information about the limitations of the PIN feature. The MiniKeePass support page is at

    KeePass 2.x database files do not have secondary passwords e.g. PINs. They are static encrypted files that cannot limit the number of decryption attempts. If the MiniKeePass database is genuinely file compatible with KeePass, you can use KeePass to make as many decryption attempts as you wish, KeePass will decrypt the database if you provide the correct Master Key. See the KeePass documentation at for details about the Master Key.


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