Matt Hamilton - 2013-08-03

Let me start by saying that I dearly love KeePass. Up until a couple years ago, I was a LastPass user, but switched to KeePass largely because I wanted to be in control of securing and storing my password database and have never looked back. I run KeePass on 3 platforms: Windows 7 & 8, Arch Linux, and Android.

This post is in regards to my Arch Linux platform, running the XFCE desktop. I recently decided to upgrade from KeePassX (using 1.x database) to KeePass 2.23 (using Mono, of course, on my linux system) because I want the features in version 2.

I was able to get everything configured and working, including auto-type, with one notable exception. The systray icon is conspicuously absent.

I saw some forum threads floating around about an AppIndicator plugin available for Ubuntu's Unity, but that particular rabbit hole didn't lead anywhere useful for me; I'm pretty sure that doesn't apply for XFCE. Does anybody know what I can do to fix this, or even where to start looking?