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KeePass 2.25 - Minimize to systray buggy

  • Stefan Kurtz

    Stefan Kurtz - 2014-02-16

    i have interface/close button [X] minimizes main window instead of terminating the application and interface/Minimize to tray instead of taskbar enabled. But most of the time (especially when KeePass gets unlocked) it jumps to taskbar nevertheless. I then have to open/minimize manually once again everytime to get it into systray properly. Its also not possible to close the windows by [X] in that state. It has to be minimized then. That's very annoying. It doesn't happen every but most of the time.

    Can you fix that?

    KeePass 2.25
    Windows7 32Bit
    .NET 4.5

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-02-16

    Check "Minimize main window after locking workspace" in Tools>Options>Interface(tab)>Main Window(section). Even with all these settings KeePass will still appear on the taskbar whenever it is not minimized.

  • Stefan Kurtz

    Stefan Kurtz - 2014-02-18

    Hmm, doesn't help.
    But here's hopefully a better description. It looks like Firefox/KeeFox is involved.

    I've put KeeFox icon into Firefox add-on bar on the bottom (grey key icon). When i click it two windows show up (main/child "Enter Master Key") and two instances are in taskbar. It doesn't matter if i just close the child window or enter the correct password. Both windows vanish but the main window remains minimized in taskbar. When i restore that minimized window it cannot be closed by [X]. It has to be minimized again ([X] doesn't respond). That's the annoying thing i was talking about. It happens every time when i open locked KeePass by KeeFox.

    When i open KeePass by systray directly it's slightly different. Both windows show up but when i close the child the main window remains open on the screen (locked). This time it can be closed by [X] and it also vanishes properly from taskbar.

    Firefox 27
    KeeFox 1.2.7

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-02-19

    The problem is probably related to KeeFox unless it also occurs when you start KeePass directly. Your best bet is to seek help in the KeeFox help forum.


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