[PLUGIN]WebAutoType - Use URLs for AutoType with web browsers

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  • Horst

    Horst - 2014-06-24

    Thanks, with the new version of the Update Checker it works again.

  • Haxus

    Haxus - 2014-06-23

    3.5 appears to break URL recognition completely for me.

    Switched back to 3.4 and URL recognition is working again. I've tried switching back to 3.5 a couple times with no luck.

    I'm currently on Chrome 35.0.1916.153, Keepass 2.26, and Windows 8.

    • AlexVallat

      AlexVallat - 2014-06-24

      Sorry about that, it seems this combination has fallen through the gaps. Please try updating to v3.6 and let me know if that's working for you again?

      The automatic accessibility enabling fix from Google hasn't made it into that version of Chrome, though, I'm afraid.

      • Haxus

        Haxus - 2014-06-24

        I've only tested a minute or two now, but it seems to be working again. I'll let you know if I notice any other issues.

        Thanks Alex!

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2014-08-06
    WebAutoType v3.7 Released

    It has been pointed out that the UI modifications to the Edit Auto-Type Item dialog do not scale properly under high DPI settings. What hasn't been pointed out, though perhaps should have been, is that even under normal scaling, it's a pretty poor bit of UI - ugly and unintuitive. So, time to fix that up, I think:

    WebAutoType Edit Auto-Type Item dialog modifications

    This should also work fine under high DPI settings.

    I've had to put in some truly nasty hacks to stop the KeeResize plugin from wrecking it, so if you are reporting any strange layout issues with it, please let me know if you also have KeeResize installed.

  • T. Bug Reporter

    T. Bug Reporter - 2014-08-07

    You might want to add a horizontal line to that dialog, or to do something else to make it clearer that there are two sets of two radio buttons there, rather than one set of four (which is what I thought until I read the screenshot more carefully).

    • AlexVallat

      AlexVallat - 2014-08-07

      Fair point. Ideally I'd like to have two group boxes, one for each set of controls, but that would be a real problem to do and maintain KeeResize compatibility. A straight horizontal line without moving anything else would be possible, but I'm not sure that gives the right effect when considered with the horizontal line at the bottom too. Maybe if it wasn't a full-width horizontal line... although that's pretty unusual.

      I'll have a play around and see if anything looks better enough to be worth changing. Or if you have any other ideas which don't involve repositioning any of the existing controls relative to each other, let me know!

  • T. Bug Reporter

    T. Bug Reporter - 2014-08-08

    Maybe if it wasn't a full-width horizontal line...

    • That
    • was my

    • original
    • thought...

    although that's pretty unusual.

    I don't think it is; in fact, a full-width line in the middle of a dialog seems more unusual to me.

  • TimK

    TimK - 2014-11-24

    Help please ... trying to install the plugin on a new machine and I get this error:


    KeePass 2.28, WebAutoType 3.7 on Win 8.1 x64

    I'm using the exact same setup on a different machine and it works fine. Any ideas please?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-11-24

    I see the same issue on my W8.1 box. Is your other box W8.1?

    cheers, Paul

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2014-11-24

    My best guess would be that you don't have .NET 3.5 installed. KeePass is happy with either CLR2 (.NET 2 through to 3.5) or CLR4 (.NET 4 to 4.5), but for irritating technical reasons I can't make WebAutoType compatible with both simultaneously.

    If you use the Windows Features control panel and enable .NET 3.5 it should work fine.


  • TimK

    TimK - 2014-12-05

    That was it, thank you. Any way to improve the error message to be more meaningful?

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2014-12-06

    Not from my end, it occurs before any of my code could run. The only thing I could do would be to have an installer, rather than just providing the plgx directly. That's not customary for plugins, though, and would also make things more difficult for people using KeePass portably rather than installed.

    KeePass itself could add support for a plgx declaring itself require a specific CLR (in the same way as it can declare a specific version of KeePass) and thereby produce a more helpful message. Or, even better, it could add support for conditionals when compiling plgx's so that I could support both CLRs at once!

  • TimK

    TimK - 2014-12-07

    Thank you.
    Another question: is there a way to improve Basic or Digest authentication? The browser window title typically displays "Password Required" for all sites and of course there's no URL in the auth window. I was wondering whether WAT could detect this case and look at the parent window for the URL. Not sure whether possible at all.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-12-07

    You need the AutoTypeSearch plug-in.

    cheers, Paul

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2014-12-07

    is there a way to improve Basic or Digest authentication?

    I did look into this, as although it's much less common these days, it does still come up. Unfortunately, browsers do not provide the necessary information: there's nothing other than the descriptive text in the auth popup, which contains only the server name, and not the rest of the URL. Even extracting that is not very nice, I guess I could search for "http://" or "https://" somewhere within the text then assume that from there to a space was the server, but it's a bit of a hack.

    Given that even then, the whole URL isn't available (and I, for one, usually only want my logins to match against an explicit login page rather than the whole site) I didn't think it was worth it.

    As Paul mentions, scenarios like these were one of my motivations in writing AutoTypeSearch.

    Of course, if browsers ever do start making the full URL available during Auth, I will modify WebAutoType to read it.

  • max13fr

    max13fr - 2014-12-14


    Thanks you very much for this great plugin :).

    I just have one issue : it doesn't work with basic authentication http popup. Could you fix that ?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-12-14

    There is not much you can do about basic auth pop ups because they provide very little information. If the prompt has a title you can add a new Auto-Type for your KeePass entry with a Target Window of the title, otherwise you have to bring KeePass up, right click on the entry you require and select "Perform Auto-Type".

    cheers, Paul

  • TimK

    TimK - 2014-12-18

    Paul - thanks for pointing out AutoTypeSearch. Very useful indeed.
    Alex - thanks for writing great plugins for KeePass. Keep up the good work!

    And of course, I went looking for more plugins by Alex and found AutoTypeShow - what is the use case for this one? Just another look to prevent typing the wrong credentials on the wrong site?

    Last edit: TimK 2014-12-18
    • AlexVallat

      AlexVallat - 2014-12-18

      AutoTypeShow is useful in a couple of situations. Firstly, as a placeholder, where you have an entry that might not be fully auto-typeable (usually due to odd things banks do to pretend to increase security). That way KeePass auto-types what it can, then shows you the entry so you can see the info you need to do the rest manually.

      The second situation is to set up a secondary hot-key to use it. That way, when you have to change your password for a site, you can hit your secondary hot-key to bring up the entry you will need to edit.

      Just a couple of minor conveniences, really, but I found them useful.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence in my plugins, by the way!

  • Oliver Gramberg

    Oliver Gramberg - 2015-03-21

    If two KeePass entries match by title, then KeePass shows the "Auto-Type Entry Selection" popup even if the URLs make it clear which entry applies. Is this as designed? I can tell that WebAutoType works in general, I change the titles of the entries to not match the window title and it logs me on.


  • Paul

    Paul - 2015-03-21

    KeePass is designed to show multiple entries that match. I assume WebAutoType is designed to mimic this behaviour where there is no clear distinction.

    cheers, Paul

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2015-03-22

    Yes, WebAutoType does not prevent an entry from matching simply because its URL does not also match. So if you have an entry that matches by title, that will be one of the options presented in the selection popup.

    If you use URLs exclusively (as I do), you can go to KeePass Options, Advanced, and uncheck all the "An entry matches if..." checkboxes under Auto-Type. Then they will only match by URL and not by title. You can still add a specific custom Auto-Type sequence to a specific entry to match by title for that entry only.

  • Nihim

    Nihim - 2015-04-22

    I added your plugin today after Paul pointed me to it and I have a small problem.

    On basic password authentication pages served by lighttpd I can't seem to make it work.

    I checked:
    - if the URL is correct
    - tried disabling any "An entry is matched if *" in keepass
    - for sanity's sake removed the title from another entry from a normal login site and it worked just fine with just the URL.
    - tried the above for that site and nothing.
    - tried it with other sites using the same authentication method.

    Am I missing something?

    The page looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/grOadkQ.png


  • divB

    divB - 2015-04-22

    This has been discussed multiple times within this thread: The dialog with Basic authentication does not provide the necessary information to implement it (except possibly with very bad hacks).

    In my personal scenario, I just match all "Authentication required" and get the list of entries. Not great but not many pages use http auth these days.

    As was also pointed out multiple times, AutoTypeSearch plugin may be another possible solution for you

    • Nihim

      Nihim - 2015-04-23

      Thank you divB I saw another similar problem that was due to information not being provided by the browser so I was considering that might be the case for this also, seeing as it would have been taken care by the dev otherwise.

      I will check out the plugin you mentioned, appreciate the help.

  • Anonymous - 2015-05-04

    Is there any reason to use Keefox over this? I prefer not to install additional browser add-ons.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2015-05-04

    KeeFox provides automation. WebAutoType does not change the login process but adds refinement.

    cheers, Paul

  • Alan Mobley

    Alan Mobley - 2015-05-04

    I upgraded from 2.28 to 2.29 and webautotype no longer works. I still have all of the options when I am populating the fields for autotype (i.e. the native "Match against the title of a window" dialog as well as the "Match against the URL of a page shown in a web browser" but when I fill in the later it simply doesn't work. I've also noticed that when I check for updates it tell me KeePass is up to date with Version 2.29 installed but the plugin WebAutoType update check fails "Version information file cannot be downloaded". Version 3.7 is installed and there is a question mark under the available column. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks!

  • Alan Mobley

    Alan Mobley - 2015-05-04

    Ha, never mind. The upgrade put the autotype hotkey back to the default Ctrl-Alt-A. I was trying my old edited hotkey. :-)

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2015-06-25
    WebAutoType v4.0 Released

    I've decided to try and move WebAutoType to CLR 4 (.NET Framework 4, 4.5, 4.6) instead of CLR 2 (.NET Framework 3.5). The older 3.x releases will still be available for anyone who needs them, but I intend to target CLR 4 for the newer ones, as most people these days will only have that installed. Unfortunately the KeePass plgx system has some limitations with the way assemblies are referenced, so I've had to bodge a workaround for this. If you find it gives you "Not compatible" errors at startup then please let me know all versions of the .NET Framework that you have installed and I can investigate.

    It was also requested that when using the Add New Entry hotkey the full URL be made available, so what I've done is add a drop-down to the URL field in the New Entry window. From that you can pick from some variations on the URL, depending on how specific or generic you want it.

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2015-08-16
    WebAutoType v4.1 Released

    I've added support for the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10. This was a tricky browser to support, so if it doesn't work for you then please post details of what happens (and what language Edge uses).

  • Haxus

    Haxus - 2015-08-16

    Thanks for the updates Alex. Working well here!

  • Michael Nistler

    Michael Nistler - 2015-08-18

    I just installed WebAutoType 4.1 (latest version) for the very first time and gave it a try. When I used the Global Autotype hotkey, there was a 5 second lag between when I hit the keys and when it popped up with an "Autotype Entry Selection" window to let me choose between the 10 separate accounts I have on the website I was on.

    I have ~50 entries total in KeePass so it's a bit surprising to me that it's slow to respond. Are there things that I can do to speed it up?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2015-08-18

    Was it fast before you installed WAT?

    cheers, Paul

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2015-08-18

    5 seconds is likely to be a delay in obtaining the URL from the browser, rather than then searching for it in the database. Could you let me know which browser (and version) you are using? Also, if previous versions of WebAutoType did not cause the delay, that would be useful to know.

  • Michael Nistler

    Michael Nistler - 2015-08-24

    @Paul & @Alex, yes, Global Autotype was near instantaneous before I installed the WAT plugin. I didn't try any previous versions of WAT, this is the first time I've used it. This morning it's 3 seconds from global hotkey-press until I'm presented with the pick-list of multiple matching KeePass entries on both:
    -Firefox 40.0.2 in Private Browsing mode + Windows 8
    -Chrome 44.0.2403.157m in Incognito mode + Windows 8

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2015-08-25

    Strange. I've just tried private browsing mode, to see if that makes a difference, but it doesn't for me. Could you check a couple of things? Firstly, if you add a new custom autotype entry, there is a new option to match by URL at the top, and a dropdown which should populate with the URL of each currently open browser window. Could you check if that is populated correctly, and if it takes several seconds to populate?

    Secondly, please enable the "Automatically skip user name for passwords" option and see whether it correctly detects password fields when Autotyping.

    Finally, when you tested Firefox, was Chrome running at the same time? If it was, please try exiting Chrome and seeing if that makes a difference.

    At a low level, the things I know can cause delays are:

    • Inability to obtain UIA focused element. 1s timeout.

    • UIA focused element is not a text box, check again to confirm. 1s timeout

    • (Chrome) UIA focused element doesn't have keyboard focus. Check for nested control which does. No timeout, but can be slow depending on complexity of document.

    Last edit: AlexVallat 2015-08-25
  • Michael Nistler

    Michael Nistler - 2015-08-25

    @Alex thanks for the ideas on what to check next. The speed does appear to vary pretty wildly, and today it was even a bit faster than yesterday.

    Here's a video of the Global Autotype hotkey delay - https://vid.me/8WLt
    Here's a video of the delay in the dropdown population of urls - https://vid.me/zSXa

    I did enable the "Automatically skip user name for passwords" option (it was previously unchecked) and I did confirm that it will autotype in the Password field properly when I have the input focused there and I hit the Global Autotype hotkey.

    At this exact moment, Firefox is now near-instantaneous in presenting me a picklist of matched KeePass entries so I can't test your theory about closing Chrome at the same time. Chrome is still slower though.

    Thoughts on other things to try?


  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2015-08-26

    I'm afraid Chrome is simply slower to provide the information. This is partly due to the misreporting of the focused element which requires additional steps to work around, but it should still be of the order of 1s delay. This seems to be about right for the video you posted.

    The delay in the population of the drop-down is a little longer than I expected. This can be the case if you have a lot of (non browser) windows open, as it does check every window to see if it is a browser. Other than that, I'm not sure what else to suggest - this may just be as good as it gets with Chrome.

  • Aurélien GARDE

    Aurélien GARDE - 2015-10-15


    I encouter an issue with the plugin and IE 11 the first letter of the user id is deleted when I execute the web auto type.
    It result an incorrect user/password problem...
    Any idea ?


  • Paul

    Paul - 2015-10-15

    Is it a problem without the plug-in? IE is known to be temperamental with Auto-Type.

    cheers, Paul

  • Aurélien GARDE

    Aurélien GARDE - 2015-10-19

    without the plugin it's not a problem, the default auto-type is working well in IE...
    With chrome, no problems...

    I remember in last version of IE, in the userid field, a first letter was written and deleted. just after the entire user id was entered. this sequence was visible in a short second.

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2015-10-20

    WebAutoType only influences the finding of the entry to auto-type, it does nothing about the actual auto-typing. That is performed by KeePass as normal. If IE is being uncooperative, the usual solution is to try adjusting auto-type delay, or sometimes even inserting a {CLEARFIELD} at the start of the sequence.

  • Aurélien GARDE

    Aurélien GARDE - 2015-10-22

    Thanks Alex,
    Using clearfield at the start of the sequence solved my issue.

    this plugin is very useful

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2015-12-14
    WebAutoType v4.2 Released

    Just a couple of minor changes here from reported issues. I've fixed the bug which stopped the Escape key working on the custom auto-type entry window, and stopped it from doing a 1s delay in non-browser windows which don't report edit control types accurately.

    This does use a browser window-class whitelist, so if you notice it stopped working on a browser where it used to work before, please let me know.

  • beasthunter

    beasthunter - 2016-02-22

    Hello Alex,
    I have a problem with AWT since some days. I get the error message "Nicht unterstütztes Muster."
    I posted details here
    The only change I know is that Office was upgraded to 2016.

    Thanks in advance,

    • AlexVallat

      AlexVallat - 2016-02-22

      Hmm. That translates as "Unsupported Pattern", which would be a UIA (automation) failure. I don't know anything specifically about Office 2016, and cannot test that, but we can try and narrow down the problem.

      Which browser are you using?
      Do you get the same error if you try a different browser?
      Do you get the error if you auto-type into a non-browser window?

      • beasthunter

        beasthunter - 2016-02-23

        Hi Alex,
        I'm using IE 11 and have the problems with AWT.

        Today I tried Firefox 44.0.2 and AWT works fine.
        With Chrome 48.0.2564.109 as well.

        Strange thing: A webseite that needs authentification in a seperate popup, for example an ftp server, is working using IE 11.
        The same for Outlook 2016, there AWT works.

        I will check the AddOns in IE, and try to deactivate one after another.

  • Hink Horneman

    Hink Horneman - 2016-02-22

    Many thanks Besthunter! Had the same issues last week. This morning I read your post en that reminded me I installed Skype for Business, a Office 2016 feature. De-install and my Keepass problem was solved =)

    FF 44.0.2, Keepass did nothing or use a wrong entry
    IE: 11, Unsupported Pattern error

    Last edit: Hink Horneman 2016-02-22
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