Conditional AutoType

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-13

    Is it possible to have a "conditional autotype"? Think of the following case: you enter a Loginbox, where the username is displayed from the last loggedin user. if this is identical to you {username}, keepass should not do {clearfield}, if the username is noct identical to {username} it should do {clearfield}.

    Background is: If i use {clearfield}, KeePass types the Keys realy slow, if i do not use {clearfield}, it types the keys very fast. I dont know why.

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2012-06-13

    Conditional auto-type is not possible because KeePass does not integrate with the application (e.g. browser) and therefore can not inspect the contents of fields displayed within the application.

    I have not observed the slow typing that you report with {CLEARFIELD}.  Are you sure you don't also have a {DELAY=X} in your auto-type?  There are also several alternatives to {CLEARFIELD} such as {HOME}+{END} or ^A (both of these sequences select the contents of the field where the cursor resides so that the next keystroke overwrites the contents).


  • Paul

    Paul - 2012-06-14

    You could double click on the field to select the existing name, then KeePass will over type.

    cheers, Paul

  • ursus

    ursus - 2013-09-29

    On original topic... It would be good to have conditional autotype.

    F.e. I have app that asks me to provide SOME letters from my password. While I can easily setup autotype using placeholder {PICKCHARS} for ech character (I cannot pick up all at once as there is some weird JavaScript on target page). I would like to be manually able to pick which of two autotypes will run...

    Practically it's addind conditional logic or loops into AutoType definitions.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-10-01

    There is no provision for using Auto-Type based on page content etc.

    I use this sequence for a particularly recalcitrant web page. It first asks for 1 character 3 times, then types the picked characters with a TAB between them.

    cheers, Paul


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