Fixing conflicts more easily: View all entries flat to be able to sort by entry modification time

  • GerdS

    GerdS - 2013-07-01

    If you have your keepass database file on dropbox and modifying it from different locations, it is very likely to run in conflicts (file modified at 2 locations at the same time).

    The problem is then fix the conflicts (find which entry was modified last in which file and merge them into the valid database). This can become a nightmare if you have several hundreds of keys stored in the database.

    Having a view that shows all entries flat (not categorized by groups) would make this task very easy:
    1) Open the conflicted file with the flat view
    2) Sort by modified date by clicking on the column header
    3) The last modified entries would be shown on the top
    4) Copy these last modified keys into the valid database

    Unfortunately, the sort by modified date does not work in the view showing all the keys by group (it is sorting by date within each group, which does not help much here).

    Would it be possible to add such a "all keys flat" view?

    Thank you

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2013-07-01

    If you are using KeePass 2.x simply synchronize the local databases with the conflicted copies. Changed entries in the conflicted copies will be merged at the entry level with the local database.

    If you use the recommend synchronization triggers at all end-nodes conflicted copies can still occur, but they don't matter because the local databases at each end-node (outside of DropBox) contain all all locally made changes. These changes will be propagated to all end nodes at the next complete KeePass-DropBox synchronization cycle.

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2013-07-01

    In KeePass 2.22 the flat entry view is possible.

    1. Select View>Group in Entry List>Off,
    2. Select View>Show Entries in subgroup: checked;
    3. Navigate to the top group.

    In this view entries can be sorted by Last Modified Time. However, synchronization is easier and robust.

    Last edit: wellread1 2013-07-01
    • zebalo

      zebalo - 2014-04-21

      I have tried your method with keepass 2.26. It does not work for me. I can not obtain my sort ascending Last Modification Time of all the entries. I would be pleased if keepass had a button to have my sort by a click.

      Last edit: zebalo 2014-04-21
      • wellread1

        wellread1 - 2014-04-21

        I notice that I did not mention how to display the Last Modified Time column or how to set a column sort order.

        1. To view Last Modification Time: Select 'View>Configure Columns...' and check 'Last Modification Time'
        2. To sort a column: Click on the column header. The Sort order indicator in the column header shows one of three orders: Ascending, Descending, No Sort. Alternatively, you can select 'View>Sort by' to modify the sort settings.

        Also make sure you have select the top Group in the Group panel. You can verify that you are seeing all entries in your database because the total entries will be displayed in the lower left corner of the KeePass Window.

        • zebalo

          zebalo - 2014-04-21

          Thanks!. It works fine!


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