Password recording - autochange entry

  • IceColdLove

    IceColdLove - 2011-02-04

    Hi there,

    I've searched around a bit, but didn't quite find a thing.

    Is there a possibility within KeePass 2.x to record passwords as described in the following situation:

    I'm using KeePass Auto-Type to login to different SAP-systems (30 different systems). Whenever I'm prompted to enter a new password within SAP - usually after login - is there a possibility to use the hotkeys to generate a random password, enter it, press tab, enter it again, press enter and after that update the KeePass entry used for this system with the new password?

    I would be really gratefulfor any hints, help or anything else helping me ;)


  • IceColdLove

    IceColdLove - 2011-02-04

    Ok, I think the {NEWPASSWORD} command was what i was looking for. Just didn't realize how to use it correctly.

  • Torch

    Torch - 2011-02-04

    Didn't know this existed! Works great, just wish there it could use the Derive from Previous Password profile instead.

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-01

    I got a question for your statement that you have several different SAP Systems and if you could give me some info, how you managed to get the auto-type and recognition of the sap gui windows to work. I enabled the Registry entry to get more SAPGUI information in the title window, but still Keepass is not able to grab the right window and I was wondering, if you mind sharing, how you managed that? thanks

  • Anonymous - 2012-09-24


    here is a description of how you can logon die SAP systems using Keepass: Using Keepass instead of SAP Logon.




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