Copy from one Database to a second Database with KeePass

  • ndenni01

    ndenni01 - 2014-06-23

    Hello. I have two KeePass databases. I would like to copy and entry from one database to the other. Is this possible?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-06-24

    In KeePass V1 you have to do this manually - copy the details to Notepad etc, then paste into the new database.

    In KeePass V2 there are a couple of methods depending on where the 2 databases are located.
    If you have both databases on the same computer.
    1. Open both databases.
    2. Right click on the entry.
    3. Clipboard > Copy Entries.
    4. Click on the tab for the second database.
    5. Select the required group.
    6. Right click in the Entry List pane.
    7. Clipboard > Paste Entries.

    If the databases are on different computers.
    1. Open the databases.
    2. Right click on the entry.
    3. Selected Entries > Export.
    4. Select "KeePass KDBX (2.x)".
    5. Enter a name for the new database. Note: this database will have the same password as your current database. You may want to change the password by opening the new database and selecting File > Change Master Key.
    6. Copy / send the new database to the other computer.
    7. Open the normal database on the other computer.
    8. Select File > Import.
    9. Select "KeePass KDBX (2.x)".
    10. Enter the name of the new database.
    11. Enter the password.
    12. On the "Import Behaviour" screen select "Create new IDs".

    cheers, Paul

    Last edit: Paul 2014-06-24
    • ndenni01

      ndenni01 - 2014-07-25


      Perfect! Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for. I haven't explored much of the right-click (context menu?) functions.


  • Philipp Crocoll

    Philipp Crocoll - 2014-06-25

    this might or might not be applicable to your case, but if you want to copy an entry to someone else's database, you might want to check out Keepass2Android if both have an Android device. After you also installed the QR Plugin app (, you can transfer entries by displaying them as a QR code and scanning from the other device.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-06-25

    Is that what QR plug-in does!? ;-))

    cheers, Paul

  • Philipp Crocoll

    Philipp Crocoll - 2014-06-25

    you mean the QrCodeGenerator plugin for Keepass 2? As far as I know, that plugin
    * only displays the password (the KP2A plugin displays the whole entry including additional fields - excluding attachments of course)
    * doesn't provide a way to scan the QR code.


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