two-step authentication

  • Max

    Max - 2013-04-08


    is there any possibility to establish a two-step authentication like Google, Dropbox, Facebook, ...?

    There is also a open-source token tool from google for mobile devices:


  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-04-09

    Not at present. Maybe someone will write a plug-in.

    As your PC is secure - you wouldn't be using KeePass on it if it wasn't - what is the advantage?

    cheers, Paul

  • Max

    Max - 2013-04-09

    In my mind, it could bring more safety at all.
    I manage all my passwords with KP, also my credit carts, online banking tan-lists etc.

    I have running KP directly from USB Stick and online on my server (Zip-File, quick download). For about 50% I am on my personal PC. But i also need all these passwords at work or in other situations, because the only password I remember is the KP-DB-PW ;-)

    And if the PC I am using is unsecure (keylogger, ...), the DB stays secure.


  • Max

    Max - 2013-04-10

    Hi Paul,

    this PlugIn generates the Codes for websites / logins which are secured by two-step authentication. (The same codes like the "Google Authenticator" on my smartphone).

    But I was searching a possibility to create codes for log-in in my KP DB. (Each time a try to log-in in my KP DB i must enter my password and the generated token.)


  • Serbul

    Serbul - 2014-03-18

    Paul, I also use KeePass at the usb stick and need a Google Authenticator for access to my db. OtpKeyProv beside difficult setting asks to enter keys 3 times every time - what is excessive to me and leads to fatigue.

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-03-18

    The OtpKeyProv_Readme.html included with the plugin explains the need for a minimum of three OTPs. This plugin uses the OTP generator's secret key, protected by encryption, as the key file component of the Master Key. In a nutshell, less than 3 OTPs does not provide sufficient protection of the OTP generator's secret key.

    Last edit: wellread1 2014-03-18
  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-03-18

    What he said.

    cheers, Paul


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