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Netgear Wireless Router

  • Jeffrey

    Jeffrey - 2013-02-10

    I can't seem to get Autotype to work with a Netgear router. The sequence is {UserName}{TAB}{Password}{TAB}{TAB}{ENTER}

    After password, I need to bypass a "remember me" field. I get the a failed login everytime. What am I doing wrong?


  • Jeffrey

    Jeffrey - 2013-02-10

    Never mind, I just got it to work.:)

  • Ton van den Berg

    He Jeffrey,

    How did you solve this? When I logon via Keepass I get an Ieplore.exe message but it does not fill in the fields.

    Rgds, Ton

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2013-02-13

    I don't have specific knowledge about the interface you are discussing, but the typical way to develop a KeePass custom auto-type sequence is to:

    1. Place the cursor in the starting field.
    2. Using the keyboard only (no mouse), perform the login

    The keyboard strokes required for a successful login that you record in step 2. are the keystrokes required to define a successful auto-type sequence.

    Note: KeePass requires the user to place the cursor at the starting point of the login and initiate the auto-type sequence. There are several way to initiate a auto-type but the Global-Auto-Type key (default: Ctrl-Alt-A) is a good way.


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