Larger Toolbar Icons

cm orley
  • cm orley

    cm orley - 2013-01-12

    Hey all. LOVE this program and have used it for years. A life saver.

    My ONLY problem with it is that the toolbar icons are SO small I have trouble differentiating them from another. Example: I go to select 'copy password to clipboard' and there are 3 tiny icons with keys on them and I have to pause every single time and slowly hunt down the correct one.

    Today's monitors and resolutions are huge and the entire toolbar on KeePass is very, very small.

    Could we get an option to select a larger icon set? The icons now are a microscopic 22 (or so) pixels and could easily go 48 or even better 64.

    Please consider this option to make KeePass more user friendly.

    Thanks again for a great program.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-01-12

    I almost never use the toolbar icons.
    1. Select the required entry to highlight it.
    a. Double click on the username or password to copy it to the clipboard.
    b. Double click the URL to launch it.
    c. Double click on the title to edit it.
    d. Right click on a blank part of the list to add.

    cheers, Paul


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