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  • Hansilein Münch


    nice soft, keepass!

    I use the auto-fill and auto-sumit function. Works great! But I've Router from Ubiquiti (login with and auto-submit is working well. But when I go to a other tab in device, than it's showing if I'll change this setting!?

    Seems that the auto-submit will send the auto-fill in every tab of firmware-setting (from device) in Firefox!?

    Any idea?

    How can I set, that only at one side (e.g. will send auto-submit. The tabs in browser are (e.g. or The login page of Ubiquiti-Router device are available under


  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2011-07-02

    KeePass doesn't form fill, it simply sends a predefined set characters to the window that has the focus, if the window title matches an entry's title or custom auto-type sequence.  If you need to send different auto-type sequences to pages with the same window title you must make separate KeePass entries and define a custom auto-type sequence appropriate for each page.  Then, when you press the global auto-type key, KeePass will present you with selection pop-up dialog so you may choose the appropriate auto-type sequence.  See the KeePass auto-type help page for more information.


  • Luckyrat

    Luckyrat - 2011-07-02

    I assume this relates to KeeFox.

    KeeFox matches any form on the same domain (or in this case IP address) as the URL stored in your KeePass entry.

    You can override this behaviour on a per entry basis by creating a KeePass advanced string called "KPRPC Block hostname-only match" (doesn't matter what value). I hope to create an easier way to modify this behaviour in future.

    In the mean time if you have any further comments or questions relating to KeeFox (i.e. the form filling/submitting Firefox integration) please post on instead of this more general KeePass forum.


  • Hansilein Münch

    Thanks, next time the other forum, ok.

    This is address from login side

    This changes a short moment to when I click Login Button.

    I've tried your entry with this two an also one (at value). But isn't working.

    Keepass takes a user/pw from a other device ( I don't know why.

    But isn't a big problem. I've changed all devices with this behavior to only auto-fill.




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