Any interest in a native OS X app?

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  • olav

    olav - 2013-02-11

    I was a little frustrated with the existing OS X solutions for KeePass, so I've been working on a native OS X app.

    It will probably be ready for experienced computer users to look within the next couple of weeks. If you're interested in offering some constructive feedback I'd love to hear from you.


    • brian lindahl

      brian lindahl - 2013-02-24

      ya, i'd love to see one. can test as much as you'd like.

  • zeltak brisbane

    zeltak brisbane - 2013-02-11


    any chance it will work on linux as well? we really need a nice app.



  • olav

    olav - 2013-02-11

    Aww. Not really. I think the development philosophy of "write once, run everywhere" has long been discredited, most recently with Facebook abandoning their HTML5 cross platform experiments.

    The nice thing about open source is that someone can grab hold of the innards and put together a version that respects the platform norms. I always figure if someone wanted to run a different platform, wouldn't they have just bought that OS to begin with?

  • Duncan Drury

    Duncan Drury - 2013-02-13

    I'd be all over this if it can edit kdbx files from KeePass 2.x. If you can make this work nicely with plugins for browsers (Chrome at least) so KeePass can be used in a similar way to LastPass then you will have the holy grail as far as I am concerned :-)

    The existing solutions that work on Mac are find if you only care about read of 2.x or only use 1.x databases.

  • olav

    olav - 2013-02-14

    If you can make this work nicely with plugins for browsers...

    Plugins for browsers would be separate projects, presumably one for each browser. Perhaps someone else would be interested in tackling that. It's certainly possible to do these things, but unless it pays the bills there's little incentive to take time away from productive work.

    The existing solutions that work on Mac...

    I can't speak to the official KeePass 2 running under Mono (but since the developer is supporting 1.x development for people who don't want to run Microsoft's .Net on Windows, I'm sure he'd understand why people wouldn't be keen on throwing a third-party implementation of .Net on a different platform.)

    KeePassX does allow you to edit kdbx files on a Mac. But it doesn't support templates, or viewing attachments (without exporting), and it doesn't respect the "protected" tag on fields other than password. So for example, if your ATM card has a PIN that you'd rather not have visible.... I'll address these issues in my software.

    Last edit: olav 2013-02-14
  • Duncan Drury

    Duncan Drury - 2013-02-20

    KeePassX isn't actually letting me OPEN kdbx files - when I enter the password in KeePassX I get a wrong key message, but the same password works fine with the same database in KeePass and KeePassDroid fine. So as far as I am concerned KeePassX doesn't support anything for .kdbx files.

    They don't claim any kind of support on their features page - maybe they are proposing this for KeePassX 2, but that is just in Alpha so I am not ready to trust my database to this.

    So in short, you have my attention for sure on this project as currently I do not find a satisfactory solution for managing my passwords on MacOSX.

    Last edit: Duncan Drury 2013-02-20
  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-02-21

    Are you using the current version of KeePass? This has a newer database format.
    Try an old version of KeePass < 2.18 and create a test database.

    cheers, Paul

  • Duncan Drury

    Duncan Drury - 2013-02-21

    That doesn't cut it for me - I already use KeePass on other systems all of which can handle the latest version. I'm not downgrading everything so I can use an old version of KeePassX!

  • Duncan Drury

    Duncan Drury - 2013-02-21

    Now got KeePass working under mono in Mac OS X Mountain Lion by changing KeePass.config.xml to stop checking for an update. Yes it works ok, but it sure is ugly. A proper KeePass client for Mac would be very welcome!

  • Buetler Hans-Joerg

    I'll support the comment of Duncan Drury. For a lot of people this is to complicated with the Mono implementation.
    A 'real' KeePass client for Mac would be very nice!

  • tanis

    tanis - 2013-02-25

    I'd love to see a native client for OSX. At least I'm not the only one frustrated by the only implementation currently available.

    If you need any help with testing it out, sign me up for it.

  • Duncan Drury

    Duncan Drury - 2013-03-01

    Now that I have been using KeePass 2 in a Mac I have to say that this is highlighting the shortcomings of Mono at least in terms of running it on a Mac.

    I can't get right click to work.
    I can't get copy to work using CMD+C or CTRL+C.
    When I display the password, the font is so screwed up I can't tell the difference between some characters (is that an E or an H)
    It takes a long time to open my keepass database - a LOT longer than in Windows
    It takes a really long time to search my keepass database - this is almost instant in Windows
    It looks absolutely awful.

    So it is great that KeePass can kind of be made to work on a Mac, but it is nowhere near adequate for regular use. I in no way mean to disparege the work done in KeePass - it is the best password manager for me. I am just disapointed that there is no native Mac OS X client, when there are for Android and IOS. I guess that means it could certainly be doneby someone with the right skills, and I am sure it would be welcome by many more than me.

    Please develop this. I will pay for a Mac OS X client that will open KDBX files Read/Write without performance hits, has full OS functionality and fits in with the rest of the applications on my Mac.

    Last edit: Duncan Drury 2013-03-01
  • olav

    olav - 2013-03-01

    Thanks for the interest everyone.

    The good news, I'm logging into sourceforge from my own OS X native app using passwords stored on a dropbox account, shared with iOS and the original Windows KeePass 2 clients.

    But I still have some work to do before it's ready for a wider audience. I'll keep you posted….

  • Eric B

    Eric B - 2013-03-07

    I'm definitely interested as well. I've been using KeePassX, but it looks pretty horrible. It would be nice to see a native version of KeePass for OsX once and for all. Is your code on SourceForge already? Can others help/contribute?

    Last edit: Eric B 2013-03-07
  • olav

    olav - 2013-03-18

    Once I get through copy/paste (hopefully by the end of this week) I'll post a dmg image.
    You can follow along as I clean up.

  • Brian

    Brian - 2013-03-27

    I was looking to see if anyone started a native app otherwise I was going to dive in and work on one. Not only did I want a native client but wanted to try developing something on the Mac OS. I was also considering a web application so there wasn't a need for native OS applications. Not sure if it's feasible. I also wanted to see if there was a standard API library. I am just starting my investigation so not sure what is all available from a dev standpoint. For the longest time I've been on the windows 1.x version and the KeePassX with out any issues from a thumb drive.

    So, if you want a Mac tester...I'm in!

  • pspopuprpcpe

    pspopuprpcpe - 2013-03-28

    I just began experimenting with keepass, and was about to give up on it, it's so hard to have it work reliably on OSX.
    A native client will definitely have me waiting to see if I can have my multi-OS keepass "scheme" working.
    So, if you need beta testers, here's another volunteer.

  • miguel vanhove

    miguel vanhove - 2013-03-29

    KyPass companion 0.4 now available with kdb/kdbx editor.
    I need beta testers too :)
    More information on

  • MrC

    MrC - 2013-04-01

    Count me in. The mono "solution" is simply horrible and always has been. I'm just about to abandon keepass due to the lack of a Mac OS X client.

  • pspopuprpcpe

    pspopuprpcpe - 2013-04-18

    How is s3crets coming along? Any idea when we can test?

    • olav

      olav - 2013-04-18

      Thanks for the interest.
      I'm continuing to work on this; I use it exclusively for logins (and editing Keepass info) from my OS X 10.8.3 laptop. -- I share the KeePass info with my Windows machine (using both KeePass 2.22 and KeePass 1.25) to ensure full interoperability with the native edition.

      Some of you may have noticed the addition of Twofish encryption to my "What's New" postings. Yes! I'm using Twofish in both KDBX and KDB files. My implementation uses Niel Ferguson's code (as does KeePass 1). (You'll need to install the Twofish plugin for KeePass 2, but it uses the same cipher UUID as the plugin, so files are fully interchangeable with Windows.)

      Also, I'm working on supporting the full feature set of KDBX -- not just the basic fields shared with KDB implementation. That means attachments, custom strings, custom icons, and templates will all be in the final version.

      At the moment I'm still working on supporting templates; the other pieces are all in place.

      After that, support for the Recycle Bin/Backup folder will be added as I finalize the Undo feature in OS X.

      The problem with posting a testing version, is that I have no way of controlling the abilities of the testers. And without that I'd get swamped with requests to fix things, which would just take away from development time.

      Feel free to contact me if you think you'd like to see where things are; I'll send you a link where you can download a snapshot. (I do all my development with Time Capsule running. And reverting to a previous version -- yes, I test with live data! -- has saved me several times.)

      Last edit: olav 2013-04-18
      • pspopuprpcpe

        pspopuprpcpe - 2013-04-19

        Hi Olav,
        Thanks for the quick reply
        Not trying to rush you here, you'll know better than anyone when you feel comfortable to release the code for testing ;)
        I won't ask you for a direct link, at least for now, since I dont have a lot of time on my mac to test, so I would not be a very helpful tester. Thanks anyway.

        Well, about the software, so glad you're insuring interoperability with windows, that's very important for me too.

        I'll be waiting over here with the rest of the gang ;)

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