Version 2.15 does not work with BlackBerry

  • Mike

    Mike - 2011-04-10

    Caution!  KeePass for BB v2 does not work with KeePass v2.15.

  • Ken

    Ken - 2011-04-12

    This is because KeePass for Blackberry v2 Version 2.0.1506 officially was updated to only support up to version 2.11.

    Hopefully someone is working on an update to KeePass for BlackBerry to bring it up to version 2.15 (as there have apparently been a number of changes to the database structure in this version, esp. in the handling of attachments). So a lot of fixes are probably required in the code.

    Does anyone know if KeePass for BlackBerry is still under active development? The most recent version is from July 2010.

  • pepemosca

    pepemosca - 2011-04-30

    Great news!

  • Michelle Dupuis

    Michelle Dupuis - 2012-01-08

    I think my problem is the same - not sure if this is fixed yet.  I'm running KeePass 2.0.1527 on my BB, and 2.15 on my Windows PC.

    When I make changes on either device and copy the file across to the other device, the changes do not show.  Is this the same problem?

    I see v2.18 available for the PC now, but I'm wondering if that will help or make things worse….help!

  • Paul

    Paul - 2012-01-08

    If you are not seeing the changes I suspect you are copying the wrong database.

    cheers, Paul

  • Ron Estey

    Ron Estey - 2012-09-09

    I have the same set-up and was working fine until I upgrades laptop to 2.24 - now when I try to sync to BB I get message that I need to use 2.15 on desktop -- this could be a problem.   Did you resolve the problem you were having.  I note that .1527 is no longer being developed which could add to the problems……

  • Mike

    Mike - 2012-09-09

    Yes, it looks like KeePass BB will not read the newest KeePass database format.  It appears from the KeePass BB Web site that the BB version is no longer being updated.

  • socialdiscard

    socialdiscard - 2012-11-14

    I hope this gets brought back with the arrival of the new BB10 phones. I started using this on desktop with dropbox, and it works fine between pcs but of course, as stated here, it doesn't work on the BB right now. I want to use this!

  • Anonymous - 2012-11-14

    If you use KeePass version 2.19, you'll be OK on BB.

  • Ron Estey

    Ron Estey - 2012-11-14

    Now that I have upgraded to 2.20.1 (as prompted by KeePass to do) is there a straightforward way to roll back the database so it can be read by 2.19?

  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2012-11-14

    There is no need to roll back the database. Simply open the database file using KeePass 2.19.

    After saving the file using KeePass 2.19, the file is in the old format again.

    Best regards


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