What happens to old passwords?

  • Aegir

    Aegir - 2014-04-09

    Does KeePass remember the passwords I used before I installed KeePass? In other words do my old passwords work, if I uninstall KeePass? The reason why I may want to uninstall KeePass is I guess I am paranoid about not having enough control when using a password manager! Is there any reason to be? Thank you!

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-04-09

    Nothing happens to old passwords until you change them.

    Put the old passwords in KeePass and nothing will have changed.
    When you are happy with KeePass, use it to change / create new passwords. If you are not happy with KeePass, un-install it and go back to your manual method - I bet you never go back. :)

    cheers, Paul


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