Having a default Auto-Type

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I'm trying out KeePass and so far it looks like it's the best password keeper I've ever seen. I think I'm going to ditch (the late) PINs for it.

    Anyway, to save time, PINs creates a default macro for new accounts.
    Could you make KeepPass do the same thing?
    Translated what PINs has as default into KeePass language, it would be:


    All you have to do is put the aforementioned line in the notes' section of new accounts by default.

    So what do you think?

    Speaking of PINs, I know it was discussed before, but isn't there any chance you'd implement an internal wipe files function too?
    See, Sourceforge's eraser demands an installation...major no no. Plus it's from 2003 (PINs, at least the latest beta, is from 2004). That means you can safely use either's source code to implement that feature without much work on your side (that way, you wouldn't have to focus on it yourself).

    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-06-12

      Auto-Type:{USERNAME}{tab}{PASSWORD}{enter} IS the default "macro" for KeePass. Press Ctrl-V with an entry highlighted and KeePass will minimise, type your username, tab, password, tab, Enter.

      cheers, Paul

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yea, I know, but the global hotkey doesn't support it (i.e. using the account's name as the "title" window).

      Besides, it's not just there as a stand alone macro. It's easier to edit it and add a little additional needed code than to write everything from scratch.

    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-06-13

      Global hotkey does support it. All you need is the first bit of the window title as the KeePass entry title.
      e.g. "SourceForge.net: Login" as the title will auto type when you are on the Sourceforge login page. So will "Sourceforge" as the title.

      cheers, Paul


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