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Line termination in text attachments

  • Zrzeda

    Zrzeda - 2014-03-27


    Is there any way of changing line termination method for text attachments? It seems it's using unix-like 0xA char and when I save a file locally the whole content is placed in one line. I'd like the ability to change it to windows style 0xD, 0xA.

    Rafal Grzeda

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-03-27

    Test attachments should retain the original format. How are you opening the file to see the issue? Can you provide a sample text file and database with attachment for us to test?

    cheers, Paul

  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2014-04-08

    The RichEdit control of Windows automatically converts all newline sequences to '\n'.

    I've now added code such that the internal editor determines the newline sequence that the data uses when opening it, and converts all newline sequences to the original sequence when saving the data.

    Here's the latest development snapshot for testing:

    Thanks and best regards,


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