A CSV exporter prototype

  • Xiang Alex Li

    Xiang Alex Li - 2013-11-05


    I really wish KeePass could come with an integrated CSV exporter (not importer), but can't wait. So I wrote this prototype. For the sake of simplicity, I made lots of shortcuts (For Example, the projects have to be compiled under the .Net Framework V3.5 rather than V2.0). Anyway, feel free to improve this.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-11-05

    You could export to HTML, import into your spreadsheet program and export as CSV.

    cheers, Paul

    • Xiang Alex Li

      Xiang Alex Li - 2013-11-05


      Thanks for your suggestion. exporting to HTML is helpful.
      Exporting to CSV has following benefits:
      1. It supports Custom String Fields (On my machine, the "Custom String Fields" checkbox on exporting HTML dialog is always disabled. I don't know why...)
      2. It supports exporting Tags
      3. It's quick and fast, which doesn't require multiple steps.

      Your suggestion is very useful, especially, the UI of HTML exporter is a good template for the next version of CSV exporter. :-)

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-11-06

    You need to select the Details option to export Custom Fields.

    cheers, Paul


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