MiniKeePass and Spideroak

John N
  • John N

    John N - 2014-08-21

    Will there ever be a way to sync my password file with SpiderOak? I can retrieve it from Spideroak, but DropBox is the only supported way to upload it. Since SpiderOak is a more secure cloud based service (since they never know the seed or anything for your password) it would really be nice to be able to get it back there.

    Or, is there some other way that I can use SpiderOak and DropBox together (although I would prefer not to do this).



  • steelej

    steelej - 2014-08-21

    I use TeamDrive on my Android phone. I have chosen not to allow writes back to TeamDrive but as far as I an see this would work. The Android App does not perform a synchronise though.

    I used to use SpiderOak (but not on smart phones) but I have found TeamDrive to be more reliable and intuitive. SpiderOak however may have improved as I changed over at least two years ago. I have spoken to the TeamDrive technical support about security and from that discussion and with their answers I have confidence in their understanding of security and the level of encryption. Furthermore they use European servers so my data should not be at risk of being passed to the USA agencies (I am in the UK). I deal with computer system security professionally.

  • Glenn

    Glenn - 2014-08-21


    In the spideroak application just use the "backup" tab if you are using only one computer or "sync" for more than one computer. Point either backup or sync to where your database file is. In Preferences>Schedule make sure which ever you use (backup or sync) is set to automatic and the spideroak app will take care of everything automatically.

  • steelej

    steelej - 2014-08-22

    I did use Spideroak for about 2 years and still have it installed. I used both backup and sync. I then discovered TeamDrive and have not used it since.

    SpiderOak would frequently fail to sync, sometimes for days on end, which is why I went looking for alternatives. This may have been fixed by now.

    Teamdrive works in a way that I find more natural. Furthermore I will not use a USA based cloud provider for personal data (even encrypted data) while the US draconian rules on data access remain in force.


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