Ubuntu, Windows and Android

  • Elmit

    Elmit - 2014-01-30

    I got a Ubuntu desktop, I use when I am at home. I use a Windows7 notebook at customer's sites and I use an Android tablet when I between office and customer's site.

    What is the best way to keep all together?

    I have copied onto a memory stick:
    1. the installation of KeePass Password Safe 2 directory, which allows me to start from this directory on another computer KeePass2
    2. Pwd.kbdx
    3. Pwd.key

    On Windows I plug in the USB stick and run it of it.

    On my desktop Ubuntu 13.10 I have installed KeePass2 and tried to use the Pwd.kbdx and Pwd.key files, but cannot find them. I had to copy them to a local location on the drive. I could navigate to the USB stick, but the directory appeared empty within KeePass2 open file.

    On Android I have not done yet.

    A couple of Questions:
    I want to keep the memory stick as my portable device.

    1. How can I sync memory stick and Ubuntu desktop?
      That would make sure that Ubuntu and Windows have the same version of passwords

    2. Which app should I use on Android? How can I sync the Pwd.kbdx and Pwd.key?

    3. Not related: How can I add Wallet addresses to the KeePass2 system?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-01-30

    Having the database and the key file on the USB key is akin to leaving the key in the front door - not a good idea. I suggest you either move the database to the cloud and leave the key on the USB, or add a password to the master key. You also need to have regular backups of the database to somewhere other than the USB - USB devices fail or are lost.

    You should be able to access the database from the USB in Ubuntu (I don't know how to mount USB devices in Ubuntu). Alternatively access it in the cloud from both Ubuntu and 'droid so it's easy to update. Then copy it to the USB when you change something. (Again, make sure you have regular backup copies.)

    cheers, Paul


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