Keepass Auto-Type Question

  • MHilborn

    MHilborn - 2013-01-12

    As a new user, is it supposed to work this way? The bank website asks for the username on screen 1, you press Enter and then you type in the password and press Enter. I set up Keepass like this:
    Auto-Type-Window: Personal & Business Banking
    Auto-Type-1: {USERNAME}{ENTER}
    Auto-Type-Window-1: Personal & Business Banking

    Auto-Type-Window-2: MIDFLORIDA - Your Community*

    So, when screen 1 comes up, I press the hot key combination, it fills in the username and I see the the next password screen. Then I press the hot key combination again and it works OK.

    Question: is it supposed to work this way as a two step process? guess I was thinking it would just be one press of the hot key and it would do two screens.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-01-12

    KeePass has no way to tell if you need to change screens, nor if the screen has changed. All it does it type and relies on you to work out any special requirements.

    Your solution is the most elegant because it allows for any variation in load times and unexpected responses.

    cheers, Paul


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