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AutoType - Target Window based on String field

  • Jens

    Jens - 2014-04-07


    I have a suggestion regarding the AutoType-function of KeePass.
    It would be great if it would be possible to use a string field as target window for AutoType.
    Therefore there should be also an option to define the name of this string field as default on "Group level" so that it isn't necessary to add the target window (with the string field) to every password-entry manually.

    In my case I would use it for loging in to SAP-systems. For recognizing which system I want to login I create a target windows with the system-ID in it. But I have to to it every time I create a new password-entry.

    Because it's hard to describe I just created a small PDF with some screenshots - hope this helps for clarification of my issue :)
    Find it on:


    Kind regards

  • Suncatcher

    Suncatcher - 2016-12-13

    Can you explain in more detail how to accomplish this via templates? I use templates but didn't find such facility.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2016-12-13

    Setting any value in a template is the same as setting it in a "normal" entry.
    Edit the entry, Auto-Type, Add.

    Are you sure you want that setting in a template? Normally it would be unique to each site.

    cheers, Paul


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