auto type configuration help for gov. sites where i need to type user name first then submit then password on the second page

ashim roy
  • ashim roy

    ashim roy - 2014-04-21

    hi guys i am a new user for keepass ver.2.26 i am having a little
    problem with auto type. it works fine with websites such as yahoo, aol
    log in page because they have user name followed by password box. but
    when i try to log in to website like login, it has a little
    different approach. first u see the user name box where i type in user
    name then i have to click submit instead of passwrod box. once i click
    submit it takes me to second page where i put my password then submit to
    login. so who do i set up this in auto type. i tried
    {USERNAME}{TAB}{ENTER}{PASSWORD}{ENTER} it works for the first page
    where it automatically types in the username and takes me to second page
    but then it doesnt type the password for me. what did i do wrong and any
    suggestion would be greatly appreciated. please help me.

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-04-21

    Auto-Type sequences for two page logons need a {DELAY X} (where X is the delay in milliseconds) to allow time for the second web page to load. e.g.


    would add a 4 second delay after sending the ENTER but before typing the password. You can tune the delay as needed.


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