Wakeup call for Keepass, not ready for prime time

  • Ray

    Ray - 2013-09-23

    I just decided to abandon RoboForm because of the high cost and their marketing tactics. But trying to get keepass to work is like going back in time a couple of decades. I hate how I bought RoboForm and it was supposed to be a lifetime membership and they used bait and switch but at least it worked and didn't require the users to be programmers. I have been around computers since day one and actually have taken programming classes but if it takes 2 hours to install something and you don't get functionality like whats available in the market then it is a real disservice for people to recommend this product. Not only were the instructions wrong on the installation requiring more research on the forum for importing passwords, then when you try to use the plugins and you have to actually create files so that you can get it to even run, what a joke. I really had my hopes up but for this to be such an ordeal to even get close to what RoboForm does (automatically allow you to click on an entry and then have it bring up the website and automatically log you in or to automatically save passwords) then this thing will never really be used by anybody that needs it. I cant imagine setting this up on more than one computer or telling somebody over the phone how to do it. Their should be a warning out of fairness like "Please expect this to take several hours to setup and can only be set up by computer enthusiast, not to be used by Normal people who want to use computers for production".

    As much as I hate apple this is why they are going to put windows out of business.

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2013-09-23

    While it would be very nice if transferring data from one password manager to another was a seamless operation, many products make the process inconvenient by constantly changing their export format (another way to enforce "loyalty"). If you followed this forum you would realize that RoboForm is one of those companies. Their export format is a moving target.

    It may be that KeePass is not the right product for you. KeePass has been around almost 10 years and is currently downloaded about 50,000 times a week. So while its not for everyone, it has its following. I would say its target audience are those individuals who want maximum control over their password file, minimum dependencies on other programs (e.g. no requirement to integrate into a browser), and substantial ability to configure the behavior of the password manager. Auto-type, as opposed to form filling, imposes a certain learning curve because the user must understand target/window matching to use it effectively. Custom auto-type, triggers, plugins etc... provide additional flexibility but impose additional learning curves. Not everyone is up to this.

    Finally, the developer of KeePass, which is free product, is a single individual.

    • Ray

      Ray - 2013-09-24

      Thanks for the response, and I think its great that this kind of development goes on but you would also think after 10 years of development and thousands of downloads that some effort making it easier on people who don't want to spend hours trying to install a program would have been done by now. For example after abandoning RoboForm and now keepass I installed lastpass. It had a lot of prompts and got me past a lot of hurdles. It also seemed like they had RoboForm problems importing data. Somehow it imported the wrong urls, but now at least I see where the problem is and can correct them one at a time even though that is a monumental task. I think what we have here is a classic example of when something is not monetized by the developer or the platform you cant expect great results. What really surprised me though is the number of referrals for something that is extremely hard and time consuming to get what is today basic functionality. No matter how you sugar coat it keepass is not ready for prime time. Keepass may be fun to play with but not a production tool. Although I don't think most people download keepass to have fun. My Score F.

      Pearls are made from irritants, the developer may deserve some praise but he didn't get the job done either.

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2013-09-24

    KeePass is not the software that you are looking for (which appears to be some sort of browser-integrated automatic form filler?). You have been offered help to try and make it behave closer to what you want, but seem to regard the fact that it's possible to change the way it works to be a downside because it was time consuming to do. Understand that your "basic functionality" is not necessarily the same functionality as other people want from it. You have three choices: 1) Make KeePass work the way you want it to (let's call this the Linux model), 2) Adjust your workflow to match the way KeePass works by default (this would be the Apple model), or 3) Find another bit of software that defaults to working closer to what you want.

    So, good luck with LastPass, I hope it turns out to do what you want. If it turns out that it doesn't, you can always come back and have a go at setting up KeePass so that it does. Which is what we like about it.

    No matter how much you might not like it, KeePass is absolutely suitable for use as a production tool. Being "ready for prime time" is a little meaningless, but KeePass is without doubt ready for day to day use with live data in a working environment.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-09-25

    Alex, you're much too nice. ;-))

    cheers, Paul

  • Ray

    Ray - 2013-09-27

    I cant imagine 50,000 people per week are downloading this program with the intention of spending several hours to get it working and then make changes to specific files to make them work in their browser, which is incidentally the way the biggest password managers do it. Is the keepass developer so smart that their way of providing password management is superior. Not in my opinion. And Paul I don't care of someone is nice, being nice isn't going to get back everybody'2 hours back.

    If a person is going to call his program a password manager then it should be usable by non programmers and hobbyist. Other wise you might just say its not ready for Prime time. By the way if this program is downloaded 2.6 million times a year and its free, I have a suggestion, charge a $1 for the program and make it work for everybody. That's $1.3 MILLION per year by the way. I will even pay $2.

  • A. K.

    A. K. - 2013-09-27

    You should realize, that there are different kinds of software. Everyone has a choice which piece of software to run. No software developer is supposed to make program working exactly like its competitor. Differences between apps is what powers the market.

    Users may find AutoType difficult to set up. However, when you give this option a chance, it may be better than pure browser integration. Why? At first, it is browser independent and does not require any plugins. The second thing is, that this function is more robust. I can log in to almost any program, not only to web browser. For example, this feature can automatically input username and password into VoIP client, Dropbox, IM client, Outlook and many other applications, this can make system reinstallation less painful. This can be also used to automatically log in into password fields, which are enclosed in Flash application (like online game) or into Java applet (like web chat with authorization). This can be even used to unlock encrypted drives, open protected Word files, to enter server password on a game or to connect to remote desktop, even if application vendor did not include "save password" option. Try that with Roboform or LastPass :)
    Auto-type is not so complicated to set up. It will just require properly formed keyword(s) to find the target window, that's all. Using wildcards does not require programming skills at all :)

    Moreover, you may try KeeFox and KeeForm - plugins to autofill forms.

  • Jim Davis

    Jim Davis - 2013-09-28

    If your two hours was so valuable to you , you should have hired someone to install it for you.

    This is a program you will be using every day for YEARS. Think about it.


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