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  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Would it be possible to decrypt the database without using Keepass? Obviously I must know the password for the database.

    The used encryption should be standard compliant, right? Could I use Python with the Python Cryptography Toolkit ( If yes, in which order would I need to apply the decryption?

    Thanks for any hints.

    (Background info: I want to be able to open my databases in Linux/Mac OSX with a commandline tool. But I'm useless at C/C++ programming.)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      no one???

    • Paul

      Paul - 2005-04-20

      Not only would you need the password, but you also need to know the file format. Once you have these you could potentially decrypt the database, but you would need to be very careful not to expose the database contents in memory or in temporary files.
      Maybe you will just have to learn some C.

      cheers, Paul


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