Is it possible to exclude particular characters when using the Generating Random Password?

  • Sam

    Sam - 2014-06-22

    If not, then this would be a nice feature to add.

    Specifically, I'd like to be able to exclude characters like "o,O,0,1,i,I,l,!,|" that are easy to mistake when hand-entering a password.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-06-23

    There is an option box on the password generator page Advanced tab called "Exclude look-alike characters".

    You shouldn't need this as KeePass provides several methods to enter passwords without you reading and typing - drag n drop, copy/paste and Auto-Type. All of these work without you needing to edit the entry so there is no chance of you mistakenly modifying anything.

    cheers, Paul

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2014-06-29

    You can create / save your own list(s) of characters.
    When creating a PW profile under Tools > Generate PW > Settings, uncheck the various boxes to incl. the characters.
    Then instead, paste in your own list in the box "Also include the following chars."

    That list(S) can be what ever you want - nearly all spec. chars. on a std. kybd., less a couple that are nearly unreadable, etc.

    When done creating the profile, CLICK the "save" icon, to name the profile. Name it before you click OK at screen bottom. I have a dozen or more, for sites that have unusual PW restrictions.


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