Back-up KeePass

  • Miv

    Miv - 2014-01-15

    How and where do you back-up KeePass?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-01-16

    The KeePass data is kept in one database file and it is that file that you need to backup. The default name for the database is "database.kdb" or "database.kdbx".
    If you use a key file as (part of) the master key you also need to back that up, but not to the same location as the database - like keeping the key in the front door.
    If you use "Windows User Account" as the master key you must save a copy of the database using just a password or key file and back up the copy, not the original. Then you can recover the data on any computer.

    cheers, Paul

  • iminj

    iminj - 2014-01-17

    I agree with Paul.

    The only additional item I backup is the "KeePass.config" file. In Windows, this file is found in ..\user\AppData\Roaming\KeePass\

    Restoring this file will enable you to recover your customized settings and any triggers you may have created.


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