AutoType clarification

  • chris

    chris - 2014-04-16

    I have an entry titled "SpiderOak". I have an open browser window for the login page. When I look at the 'target window' pulldown list on the AutoType tab of my SpiderOak entry, the window title is shown as "Join Us Today! - SpiderOak | Online File Sharing & Cloud Backup Software | Private & Secure Data Storage for Business ↦ Home - Opera".

    The AutoType Help entry says that the HotKey should work if "The title of the entry is a substring of the currently active window title."

    However, the hotkey doesn't work, even thought the title ("SpiderOak") is a substring of the window title (as shown in the window title list).

    I realize I can add the window title to the AutoType tab for this entry, but I am trying to understand why it does not work, as the Help indicates it should work.



  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-04-16

    It works for me. Check that you don't have any other characters beside SpiderOak in the entry Title. Make sure that you have the default option "An entry matches if its title is contained in the Target Window" checked in Tools>Options>Advanced(tab)>Auto-Type(section).


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