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  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Until now I'm using Oubliette to generate and store my passwords. What I like most about Oubliette is the possibility to generate passwords according to a template:
    c = consonant
    v = vowel
    # = digit
    . = punctuation caharcter
    Also C means uppercase and c means lowercase.
    This way C.v#vc could generate L*u3ot or C@a2ov
    By choosing the right template I can generate 'human memorizable' passwords.

    Any chance of this option to appear in KeyPass??

    Otherwise I like the program very much!

    Kind regards,

    Arno Rog

    • Bill Rubin

      Bill Rubin - 2005-05-31

      There is an intrinsic conflict between secure passwords and easy-to-remember passwords.  The use of a special form for passwords can thus be viewed as a way to make passwords less secure.

      When KeePass is used to manage passwords, the end user never needs to even see the actual password, let alone memorize it.  This being the case, why would you want passwords to be "human memorizable"?

      Bill Rubin

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the reply. In this particular case KeePass is used to store the passwords, not feed them into a password-field. I agree, human-memorizable passwords are likely to be less secure, but in some circumstances that might be considered an 'acceptable' risk.
      Nonetheless, it's worth mentioning here I guess.

      Kind regards,

      Arno Rog


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