Feature request: plugins individually disabli

  • phaenom

    phaenom - 2012-11-10


    please in dialog "Plugins" in menu -> Tools -> Plugins… add a new column called "active" e.g., the values of this new column should be a checkbox where to disable or enable the specific plugin/row.
    Requested behaviour is after changing this checkbox (= active property of a plugin ) and restarting Keepass the plugin will disabled or enabled. Default value after installing a new plugin should be enabled for the installed plugin.

    THXs in advance

  • Gordon Venem

    Gordon Venem - 2012-11-14

    why not also a feature to load/unload plugins while keepass is running?

  • Cristian S.

    Cristian S. - 2016-02-26

    Is there any chance of implementing this feature?

    This will allow (even for normal users) to easily test/debug plugins in isolation without removing them from plugins directory.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2016-02-26

    I just rename the plug-in - put a 1 on the end.

    cheers, Paul


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