Combination of open url(s)+ perform auto-type

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Following command would be great:
    open url(s) and perform auto-type

    One command for both actions would save several clicks....!!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The problem here is that you would somehow also have to focus the field which is to receive the auto typed characters.    I suspect this would be difficult.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      exactly! Before the Auto Type starts you have to set a delay, so that you have time to focus the coorect field.

    • Seth Goodman

      Seth Goodman - 2005-04-14

      The delay would be tricky.  It takes a variable amount of time for a site to come up in a browser, if it comes up at all.  The page can exist in a local cache, the server can time out or there can be a DNS problem.  You certainly don't want to spit out your userid and password if the proper page isn't loaded.

    • Crocodile Dundee

      I agree this feature could cause some problems. But, on the other hand it would be a very convenient feature when you have to mount a True Crypt Volume, for example. You can combine a "start TrueCrypt.exe" command with some switches to mount a True Crpyt Volume and at the same time provide the required password.

      Wow, this would in fact be a very mighty feature for some applications to start from the command line combined with the auto-type feature.....

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      RoboForm already does exactly what is requested:  Select a URL and it reliably opens the browser, navigates to the correct fields, and fills in the login and password.  Adding this feature would be a crowning touch for KeePass. 


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