Copy of kdbx file with key file

  • Frank

    Frank - 2014-04-15

    I copied some while ago my KDBX file and the corresponding key file to dropbox. From there I opened it in the keypass app on my mobile phone.
    I've been editing my local version and the one on my mobile assuming that these where both editing the version in drop box. But it didn't seem so.
    So I merged the one from the mobile with the one on my PC with success.

    Now my PC has crashed and I was able to get my kdbx and corresponding key file form the second harddisc in my PC. Howver I can't seem to open the kdbx any more with the key file. I get an error that the composite key file is invalid!

    But I used it to merge last week.
    I tried to open it with the key file from the mobile app but again same error.

    How can I resolve this?



  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-04-16

    Dropbox keeps old versions of your database for 30 days. Follow this link to see how to recover a known good copy of your database If you receive a 'composite key file is invalid' error when trying to open a known good copy of your database then the Master Key you are entering is wrong.

    Going forward the dropbox sync trigger can help keep your databases in sync. It is not a complete solution if a KeePass based sync can not be implemented at all end nodes because of the potential for creation of a dropbox conflicted copy at end nodes lacking KeePass sync (e.g. the mobile phone). Therefore you should make changes preferentially at a PC configured with the sync trigger and confirm that occasional changes made at the phone get incorporated into the database properly.


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