Why so difficult?

  • Paul D. Nunn

    Paul D. Nunn - 2013-03-21

    We love your product KeePass, but we must admit that your version update process is always confusing and a often a hassle to install. Even your Lost Password page became a hassle taking me over thirty minutes to fill out and I still could not get it to send my message below after entering numerous emails I finally gave up and decided to use this direct method.

    For example, I just noticed that you have a new version today 2.21 and like usual, the moment I try to install the new version, your installer returns a panel that says it will install the software in Program Files (x86)/KeePass Password Safe 2. In other words, it is creating a duplicate entry in Program Files (x86) instead of updating the current one. So, it appears to not be a true update, but rather a new installation each time. After receiving that message, one would assume we should go to Control Panel and remove the old version first to avoid the duplication, but as you know there isn’t any listing in Control Panel.

    The most frustrating thing about your software is that you give no user information on the best way to install your numerous updates, such as:

    1). open the current version and save a safety copy of the Database.kdbx file to avoid the risk of losing critical date.
    2). go to Control Panel and remove the previous version of KeePass, even though I have never seen it listed there.
    3). or, go to Program Files (x86) and delete the current KeePass folder???
    3). make sure to close the previous version before running the update.
    4). locate the new download version and click to install it.

    I am not even sure this is the correct way to update KeePass, since we found no installation protocols in your downloads or on your website. You really should create an easier way to update your application, especially when you come out with new versions so often. It is a real hassle to remember which way worked last time, much less have to go through so many steps every time you update your software.

    Is there any way you can automate the version updating process a little bit so that the only thing we have to do is close the currently running version and run the update. Plus, it would really be nice to know the best way to protect the database.kdbx file each time. Please advise...

    Thanks, Paul

    • Bruce Rusk

      Bruce Rusk - 2013-03-21

      I'm not sure that I fully understand your rant, but (a) typically, just running the installer will install the new version of Keepass and (b) the "2" in the folder name does not mean that it's a duplicate folder--all version 2.x installations of Keepass default to that folder (the 2 distinguishes it from 1.x versions, since it's possible to have both installed on the same machine).

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-03-21

    KeePass does not have a password recovery page, you lose the password you lose access to your database. Are you talking about Sourceforge?

    KeePass does not have multiple updates, there are new versions occasionally. These are installed by closing KeePass, running the installer - as you would for a new installation - and re-opening KeePass.

    To protect the database file backup your machine, as you normally do.

    cheers, Paul


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