Autotype Types on New Window when Switching Windows

  • Bill

    Bill - 2014-02-01

    I'm one a site. I use the autotype keyboard shortcut. It starts typing the information. If I switch to a new window, the autotype continues on the new window.

    In options under advanced I have both "Cancel auto-type when the target window changes" and "cancel auto-type when the target window title changes" unchecked, but yet it still continues.

    Any idea what the problem is? Thanks.

  • Horst

    Horst - 2014-02-01

    You have to check that options of course.
    Please read the simple english carefully

  • Bill

    Bill - 2014-02-02

    Obviously I can read simple English. If you're going to reply, being a dick is not very helpful.

    And OBVIOUSLY if I have those unchecked, you would think that the autotype would continue on the site that I initiated it. Who would want the autotype feature to continue onto a new window in the middle of inputting username and password? No one.

  • Horst

    Horst - 2014-02-02

    Again, you have to check this options AND NOT UNCHECK
    to stop Autotype if the windows or title changes.

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-02-02

    Through KeePass 2.24, Auto-type works by sending a precompiled keystroke sequence to the control that has the focus. Once the sequence has been initiated, KeePass has a limited response to real-time changes on the computer (e.g. by default, if the focus changes to a new control before the keystrokes have finished sending, the remaining keystokes will be sent to the new control). The options you mention, if checked, add the ability to abort the auto-type sequence under the conditions specified.

    Beginning with KeePass 2.25 the auto-type engine will be updated.

  • Bill

    Bill - 2014-02-03

    Thanks for the reply wellread1.

    You actually understood the problem I was referring to. Any ideas on the release of 2.25?


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