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1610 Autotype Czech-English in remote access KeePass_2.x closed Tomas 1 day ago  
1609 ArgumentOutOfRangeException on Deny keeagent KeePass_2.x closed I Bam 3 days ago  
1608 linux keepass2: ctrl+c ctrl+v doesn't work in openjdk8 apps KeePass_2.x open benoit barthelet 6 days ago  
1604 Synchronize with file on network share path bug KeePass_2.x open Nick V 2017-01-24  
1603 KeePass 2.35 is corrupting clipboard on Linux KeePass_2.x open David Lechner 2017-01-24  
1602 keepass crashes when trying to attach file to entry KeePass_2.x closed Rewarp 2017-01-13  
1601 Argon2 Memory Input Field (error converting) KeePass_2.x closed Gordon Paul 2017-01-11  
1600 IOProtocolExt v1.12 - FTPS files currputed KeePass_2.x closed Jan Brugger 2017-01-06  
1598 Program error while switching leyboard layout KeePass_2.x closed Mitya 2016-12-21  
1597 Incorrect Auto-typing when using RemoteApp KeePass_2.x closed Suncatcher 2016-12-15  
1595 Problem after login into firefox account KeePass_2.x closed Paweł 2016-12-06  
1594 Autotype not working with capitalized accented Czech characters KeePass_2.x closed chylex 2016-11-25  
1593 Some keys are not working when entering password KeePass_2.x closed Youbi 2016-11-24  
1592 Keepass window disappears with change in screen/resolution KeePass_2.x closed Bruce Rusk 2016-11-22  
1591 Port away from WinForms? KeePass_2.x closed Elvis Angelaccio 2016-11-22  
1590 Automatic updates: bad idea! KeePass_2.x closed Brang 2016-11-16  
1589 False Auto-Type triggering for Google Chrome KeePass_2.x closed Suncatcher 2016-11-14  
1588 Auto-type into VMware console changes single quote to semicolon KeePass_2.x open frisbeegolfer 2016-11-10  
1587 Search Control Overlap KeePass_2.x closed 2016-11-08  
1586 delayed autotype blocks keyboard/mouse KeePass_2.x closed theultramage 2016-11-08  
1585 Linux version of keepass2 is mangling windows keepass2 password files after successful open. KeePass_2.x closed Robert Campbell 2016-11-04  
1583 Fail to save .KDBX file when the drive is slow. Leads to crash. KeePass_2.x closed Sukhoi Berkut 2016-10-31  
1581 keepass can no longer upen URLs within firefox KeePass_2.x closed Gerhard Streichert 2016-10-29  
1580 SECURITY - Copy/Paste Bug in Windows 10 after copy and paste of password into web browser and quit KeePass, still available in memory KeePass_2.x closed zero-rate 2016-10-28  
1579 Workspace lock dosen't work KeePass_2.x closed Gen Lee 2016-10-27  
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