TimK - 2014-01-02

It is still at least annoying in the way it works. I'm allergic to data loss of any kind, whether you call it misplaced or other names.
Here's what happens:
Computer 1 makes changes, syncs with master db
Computer 2 syncs with master db -- the entries are now gone. This is the scary part, now only Computer 1 has the entries. If something happens to Computer 1 at this point, the entries are gone.
I can go back to Computer 1, resync, entries are restored, resync Computer 2 again and it finally gets the entries
Now Computer 3 comes along, it syncs, the entries are gone again from the master db
I have to go back to Computer 1 or Computer 2 to re-sync to get the entries back in the master db and then back to Computer 3 to re-sync
Now Computer 4 comes along, same deal, entries are gone...
You get the picture.
This is a usability problem at least and I'm sure it could be improved.