#1221 window is on top of Windows taskbar


Running KeePass 2.25 on Windows 8.1 64-bit.

When KeePass has just been started, dragging part of the window to overlap the Windows taskbar causes it to appear on top of the taskbar instead of under it like all other programs do. This can confuse users and make it hard to access the Windows taskbar. Clicking an empty area of the taskbar brings the taskbar to the top and fixes the behavior, until the next time KeePass is started. If the KeePass window is closed while it is overlapping the taskbar (even if it is under the taskbar), the next time it is opened it will be on top of the taskbar.


  • Philip R Dwyer

    Philip R Dwyer - 2014-09-23

    I tried this on a Windows 8.1 64 bit as well on KeePass version 2.27 and I successfully recreated this fault and looked into it. I would say that this fault can be confusing to some users. I do see why this is in place because the first time I put it underneath the task bar I put it completely underneath the task bar and essentially trapped it there so I was unable to use it or grab it. The task bar then locked up so I had to use task manager to close KeePass. Doing a few more tests showed that this is an issue if you don't put it all the way under the task bar this is frustrating to a user who covers up applications in the task bar with KeePass. I would see if more people could look into this and see if it was truly worth fixing or it's just an inconvenience that stops people from trapping the window.

    Phil Dwyer 9/22/2014

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-09-23

    That is weird as it only happens immediately after you start KeePass. Once minimized and restored it's normal behaviour, most of the time. Switching away and then back still leaves it over the top of the task bar.

    cheers, Paul


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