#1200 Synchronization data loss


I have multiple computers that run the same version of KP 2 that I try to keep synchronized via a "master" database that sits somewhere on the LAN (and its sole purpose is for all computers on the LAN to sync against it). I have each KP instance set to sync with the master db when each client opens or saves its database.

In some cases I noticed that entries disappear. Here's one scenario that I am able to reproduce:

  • from an existing group, move all entries to a new group
  • edit each entry in the new group
  • delete the old group
  • empty Recycle Bin

Now when KP syncs these changes it seems that the entries above are gone from the master db, but not from the local db. Now if the other clients all sync against the master db the entries will also be removed from their local db. This will leave only 1 client on the network with the entries, so I have to remember to go back to this client and sync again with the master db to restore the entries each time the rest of the clients sync for the first time after a group is deleted.

Could you please take one more look at the synchronization when groups are deleted/moved and entries in such groups are also edited at the same time? I'm really scared that I will lose data at some point and not notice. Thank you.


  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-01-02

    There is no bug in sync, only user confusion. Please post these in the discussion forums, not bugs.

    See the "Trigger examples" for a description of the sync process.

    cheers, Paul

  • TimK

    TimK - 2014-01-02

    Could you please clarify where the user confusion is in this case? I have set it up per the example you linked to.

    To me it is not OK that entries disappear from the "master" db after a sync while the local in-use database still has the entries. That is not a full sync if the 2 databases do not end up with the same entries after a sync.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-01-02

    Sorry, I have a minor beef with bug reports when a discussion would be much better.

    As you said, the second sync restores the entries so no data is lost, just misplaced temporarily.

    cheers, Paul

  • TimK

    TimK - 2014-01-02

    It is still at least annoying in the way it works. I'm allergic to data loss of any kind, whether you call it misplaced or other names.
    Here's what happens:
    Computer 1 makes changes, syncs with master db
    Computer 2 syncs with master db -- the entries are now gone. This is the scary part, now only Computer 1 has the entries. If something happens to Computer 1 at this point, the entries are gone.
    I can go back to Computer 1, resync, entries are restored, resync Computer 2 again and it finally gets the entries
    Now Computer 3 comes along, it syncs, the entries are gone again from the master db
    I have to go back to Computer 1 or Computer 2 to re-sync to get the entries back in the master db and then back to Computer 3 to re-sync
    Now Computer 4 comes along, same deal, entries are gone...
    You get the picture.
    This is a usability problem at least and I'm sure it could be improved.

  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2014-01-12
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    • Priority: 1 --> 5
  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2014-01-12

    I cannot reproduce this. After following your steps, the moved and edited entries are all present in the new group in the master database.

    If you still can reproduce it, please post sample databases and more detailed steps what you're doing.

    Thanks and best regards,


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